Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review - Revlon Fantasy Length Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear eyelashes are a revolutionary way to go from Plain Jane to Naturally Fantastic instantly. Without messy glue to fumble with - you can have perfect lashes that stay where you want them to - even in water
I love false lashes. I am no expert at application but I can get them on to the point that they don't look like I applied in the dark. It really takes some practice getting them on so I highly recommend a few trial runs, if you are looking to wear for an event (better to be safe than sorry). I have 3 sets of these.... Thickening that really gives the heavy Kim Kardashian look, Flirty that is is a nice length that is a little more spiky and intensifying that are my favorite, they give my eyes the really long perfect mascara day!

I do want to point out that these self adhesive are pretty temperamental for me.. I used a pair of tweezers to take off the packaging, they are very gummy sticky so that instantly want to grab to anything.. I ended up getting both on in about 20 minutes.. They would stick together, then I would drop one and so on and so forth.. I just about threw the towel in but the effects are so nice that I couldn't give up once I got the first eye applied! You must apply to a clean surface so be sure to make sure there isn't anything around your lash line. I also recommend a tiny bit of powder.. I just popped a smidge on my fingertip and went over the length of both eyes, it really gives the lashes a nice surface to cling to.. I will tell you this.. Once they were on they did stay on but they weren't there for a the duration, I started to notice some feathering.. I went a head and added some glue when I wore the second pair and sure enough, I got the entire night out of them! I also popped a coat of mascara one once applied, this really ensures that my own lashes became one with the falsies.. I think they look great, are a little hard to apply, are reasonable so I will definitely grab some more.. For special occasions!

Deedlejuse Says: Unfortunately, I am not a false eyelashes kind of gal. And also unfortunately, I only received one pair to try. It just plain didn't work. I tried really hard to get them from the box to the eyelid, but I just couldn't make it work. The self adhesive was like totally not my friend. I can't tell you how long they might have stayed on after I applied them, because although I got them close to my eyelash I couldn't get them in the right location and had to take them off before anyone could see me looking like a crazy-ninety-year-old with crazy looking lashes dangling off of my face! I botched it, I have to admit. If I had marginally more practice I might have been marginally more successful, but I dont and I didn't. If you are like me, and a totally clumsy makeup applicator go for the lashes that come with the glue, and not with the self adhesive, you will love them, and be able to apply them at least!

Malikah says: I actually had a great time with these! I pretty much just peeled them off the base and stuck them on my eyelids. I usually need to trim the eyelash strip to make it fit my eye, but these were already the perfect size. It was kind of hard to get them in the perfect position, but they looked great and were pretty comfy to wear. I tried the "Defining" style, which was much too long - I think I would prefer a more subtle look that doesn't scream drag queen. When I took them off at the end of the day, I stuck them right back onto the base. I will probably be able to get another use out of them before the adhesive wears off. I say save yourself some time - go with the self-adhesive lashes instead of the glue on variety. They really are much easier to handle and last just as long. If you are concerned about the eyelashes dangling off your face issue like Deedlejuse, just apply brush a bit of lash glue on top of them, concentrating on the corners, with an eyeliner brush. This will keep them put!

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