Monday, November 30, 2009

Review- KohGenDo Aqua Foundation

We have combined the best of skincare and color to create Aqua Foundation. A skincare-based foundation to fully moisturize skin as it smoothes and covers imperfections.
The Secret? Water Strobe Technology, taken from nature, keeps skin looking translucent as if it had a special moisturizing spa treatment. $55 for 1.01 fl. oz.

KohGenDo has lover-ly products from what I can tell. The liquid foundation, for example, is really moisturizing without being the least bit greasy. The color I was given to test was a shade darker than my skin tone so I couldn't get an amazing idea of how great it was because it needed to be blended with something lighter just to wear out of the house but the consistency and the quality of the color are both better than most and that I could tell right off the bat. I don't use a ton of liquid foundation in my life in any capacity, but I will use this in my kit. The price is worth it, too, btw, because a high-quality liquid foundation isn't that easy to find.

Trish Says: Josephine's review of the KohGen Do Aqua Foundation is pretty much right on target for me. I don't usually like wearing thick liquid foundations either, but once in a while my skin needs a little more help and coverage than I'd like to fess up comes in KohGen's foundation. I've tested it a few times, but on this day my skin was not looking its best and the foundation quickly transformed that. I went from blah and splotchy to high gloss and smooth in an instant! I really liked the consistency and how well it blended with my skin. I tried the shade in OC-2, which happened to be the exact match and I'm impressed with how well it performed. Labeled as a High Definition foundation, I noticed that my skin looked even better under super bright fluorescent lights as well as during normal sunlight hours. Being that it's not too heavy nor thick, the foundation provides great coverage without feeling like you're wearing much at all. I think I'm upgrading my perspective on liquid foundations to a much needed necessity - especially if it's the Aqua Foundation by KohGen Do!

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