Sunday, November 22, 2009

Review- Nick Chavez Plump 'N Thick Leave In Thickening Creme Conditoner

Leave in conditioner that leaves hair plump, thick and full of body. $22 for an 8 oz bottle. Current special- get free S & H @ on lots of Nick Chavez.

This product does exactly what it is supposed to do. When I say thicken, I really mean it too. You can really feel the difference after shampooing. Unfortunately, the last thing that I want is my hair to be thick! I have African American natural hair and I made my stylist put it in my hair. She could feel the difference right away when she started blow drying it. I flat ironed my hair and got it straight, but the conditioner made it so thick that it lost the bounce and silky smooth feeling that I like. I just felt that it weighed down my hair too much. I could see that if you have flat or limp hair and want to add body to it, this conditioner would be perfect. I just don’t think it was right for my type of hair and the look that I like. Even though it doesn't work for me, I do recommend the conditioner that wants thick hair and body.

Deedlejuse says:
This is the perfect leave-in formula for my hair type. I have blond hair, by no means limp, but as most people who have straight hair always looking for something yummy to slurp up. This conditioner really stands alone, it thickens without leaving weird feeling build-up on my hair. Which is hard for lots of leave-in conditioners in my opinion. I really like the smell too, which is always a plus, but it doesn't really stick around for long. I really like it, and I would definitely repurchase!

Hillary says: This is one of those products that I really wish they had sent us full size bottles of! This cream is perfect for conditioning and adding thickness when I've used a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner & my hair isn't quite comb-able. It works great as a leave-in conditioner and really turns out a great looking head of hair with 1 simple step. I think the coolest feature is that you can use this as an afterthought. Stay with me here. It's a day when you need to look your best. You go through your normal shower routine, you wash and condition your hair. Then you get out & look at your products. Well it doesn't matter what you plan on doing to your hair, you can use Nick Chavez Plump 'n Thick with any styling product and you didn't necessarily have to plan ahead to thicken your hair because you use it after you shower. For me, convenience is Queen & this product does it's job both well & conveniently.

Trish says: A hair-care product that thickens and conditions at the same time? What more could I ask for, right? That's like hair heaven! True to its claims, it really did plumpen my hair enough to give it the beautiful amount of body and waves and movement. I love it. Something like this is exactly what my fine and delicate, ok wimpy, hair needed! The leave-in conditioner part worked nicely enough as well- at least to tame my wild frizzies and give my hair an overall manageability and shape - but I found that I also needed to use hair gloss and/or a silkening serum to add that extra bit of smoothness and shine. The best part though is that none of these products (when used in appropriate amounts I have learned) weighed my hair down, so in the end, I had the best of all worlds - manageability, body, and shine! I will say that I'm glad the Nich Chavez Plump 'N Thick works well with other products and that it delivers such wonderful body and curve we all so crave!

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