Thursday, November 12, 2009

Review - Cynos Nano Pack

Cleanse, Repair & Protect
Softer, smoother & shiner hair
Suitable for any hair type. Nano Pack $69.99

The concept is simple, yet I haven't seen a product like this before. The shampoo cleanses, the conditioner repairs & the deep conditioner protects. You may not have heard of Cynos and that is because they are huge in Canada but they are becoming more & more popular in the United States.
I used this consecutively for three weeks exactly as they suggest on the label. Wash your hair, condition daily and follow up with the deep conditioner once a week. I had noticeably shinier & softer hair. I didn't have to use a detangler like I usually do. Keep in mind that although you can use these products separately, the results are definitely better when used together as a system.
The amazing part about this entire line is that its made for everyone. CYNOS is salon grade yet affordable and that's something we all can appreciate!

Trish Says: I didn't know much about CYNOS before trying their shampoo and conditioner set, but now that I have all I can say is wow, this stuff really rocks! After every wash, my hair felt so much silkier and smoother and looked shinier than I could ever remember. I am surprised at how well the shampoo and conditioner set locks in moisture, making my hair look healthier and feel ten times silkier than normal. I too noticed that over time and with regular use, the state and condition of my hair has greatly improved and the effects last even if I skip a day of washing or substitute another brand! Truly amazing technology this hair care provides, I am simply in awe at how well it works! If your hair is in any need of damage control from over-processing, look no further, this combination will absolutely restore its natural beauty and shine to pristine conditions!

Josephine says: This was my first interaction with CYNOS, too. It's a wonderfully subtle shampoo/conditioner combo that has repeatedly left my hair in excellent condition after each subsequent use. The deep conditioner is remarkable, too. I used it on my son who practically drools when he sees me bring in a new bag of products because he wants to immediately "smeeall them" all then promptly use them in his bath time experience. He loved CYNOS, too, and frankly his hair has never been more manageable (it's baby fine still but gets maddeningly knotted at the back when he sleeps). Good on you to our brothers and sisters from the North!

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