Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review- TaUT Perfect Brow Control

A clear liquid designed to keep brows in place all day. A makeup artist must-have. 10.95 for .5 oz.

TaUt Perfect Brow Control (pictured above, in front, on the right with TaUT's other products) is a bare-bones minimalist eyebrow shellac that holds unruly brow hairs in place. It does not disturb any makeup on the brows and acts as a setting liquid for brow powder/pencil, too. A lot of brow sealers come with what looks like a nailpolish brush as its applicator but the brush attached to the lid picked up too much product to disperse it evenly over your brow so have a clean mascara wand near by to use this most effectively! Otherwise, it works great and lasts a long time without being stiff or sticky.

Hillary says: Effective?! Try bullet proof! I am so happy that I have this stuff to take on my first photo shoot this weekend (I'm doing the make-up, not the modeling of course). I only wish they made a hairspray in this strength! Like Josephine said, you are going to want to use a clean mascara wand to apply this perfectly because then you can coax your eyebrows into shape with it on the spoolie. Then wait a minute for it to dry & Voila! Your brows aren't moving if there's a monsoon. I'll admit it takes a little getting used to, the stiff eyebrow feeling, but in an hour you won't even remember it's on. This is a must-have for every make-up artist and also for your wedding day photos. We all know one false swipe of the face can make eyebrows go everywhere (especially with pencil), but use some of this clear liquid and your brows will be perfect through the last dance.

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