Monday, November 30, 2009

Review - KohGenDo Fresh Face

Natural cheek colors made from natural color ingredients rather than composite pigments. To maintain a beautiful face for a long period of time, Fresh Face uses the concept of skincare.With the three emollient oils unique to Koh Gen Do, experience a long-lasting softness and moisturized skin.This exquisite powder is a combination of a smooth and moist disc shaped powder and soft round powder.The disc shaped powder adheres itself to the skin while the round powder smoothes the skin creating a natural shade that is long-lasting.

As a robust German maiden, I don't find myself really needing blush on a regular basis, as I tend to be a bit on the ruddy side. But it's winter now (supposedly...61° on Sunday doesn't really seem that wintry, though) and we all need to punch up our color. This KohGenDo Fresh Face, which is a cheek color, is exceptionally easy to use. At first I was like "what huh what how do I use this?" but once I figured it out (it's not hard, you just have to get it started), I was all in for KohGenDo. The thing I really like about it is that it sits somewhere between a cream blush (which I generally find too greasy) and a powder blush (which I find usually make my skin look overdone). I got this in the Caramel Bronze color, which, were I shopping for myself, would not be my first choice, but actually looked really awesome! I looked beachy-tan instead of crazily-blushed. The one complaint I would have about this product is the high price point ($38), but if you're already spending that kind of money on a blush-type product, this is definitely worth checking out!
Deedlejuse Says: I also have Fresh Face by Koh Gen Do in "Caramel Bronze" and seriously, Hillary should just choose all my colors. ( just so you know she has never actually seen me, so that is REALLY impressive!) I have to say as soon as you finally get the little pod to work it is a very useable little bronzer. It is much nicer looking on than a lot of other bronzers I have tried. I can't wear bronzer well a lot of time, I'm super pale so a lot of bronzers look very heavy on me, not this one. I absolutley reccomend it, even though it is expensive. It will last a good long time, you don't need to invest in a blusher brush, and the application is super easy. Well worth the expense imo!

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