Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review - Body by Brigitte Wax Strips Kit

Body by Brigitte™ wax strips gently and effectively remove unwanted hair from face, brows and bikini area leaving skin satiny smooth and sexy for up to eight weeks. These wax strips leave virtually no residue for a silky finish and are luxuriously formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E that nourish the skin.

Let's be real here, ladies: some of us be rockin' a 'stache. No shame! We are mammals, and mammals have hair. It's just a fact of nature. Sadly, none of us is Frida Kahlo (who looked fierce), and the modern fashion just doesn't allow for the LadyStache™. So we are inundated with option upon option to rid our faces and bodies of fuzz. I'm not going to get all political on this topic (although I could), because that's not why you're here - you're here to find out if this one option -Body by Brigitte wax strips - will work to remove your LadyStache™.

You know what? They work PRETTY WELL. The thing I really like about these wax strips is that they truly do not need any heat to work. I have tried the "heat the wax up in a tub and then spread it on your body and then put this cloth thing over it and rip it off" system, and not only does that hurt like a mofo, but is also extremely messy. My kitchen was covered in wax for days. I have also tried another wax strip from a different brand (I don't remember which, so I won't disparage any brand unnecessarily here) that required you to use the HEAT from your HANDS to, like, melt the wax or something. What? That's silly, guys. But these? You literally just stick them on, press briefly, and rip off. It's like using duct tape to wax, except far, far less painful. I didn't get all the little fuzzies the first time, but eventually I was good to go. It's probably not as thorough as your salon could do, but it's a nice in-betweener product when you don't want to drop the cash.

The other nice thing about these strips is they come with an "anesthetic" pre-wipe and a "soothing" post-wipe. (Note: do not mix these up. Nothing bad will happen, but you just won't get the full benefits of either if you do. Learn from my mistakes, y'all.)

The weird thing is that I can't seem to find anywhere to purchase these strips! They are apparently exclusively retailed at Ulta (according to their Facebook page*), but they do not appear to be anywhere on the Ulta site. Boo!

*really? Does everyone need a Facebook page?

Hillary says: I got the leg version of these wax strips and I can tell you they do work. There's only one problem- the box only had enough strips to do the fronts of my legs! I would probably need at least 2 probably 3 boxes to do my entire calves & my feet (yes, I'm a hobbit. I have to wax my feet. Giggle away, I can't hear you.). They are surprisingly effective, I just wish they came more to a box. That's not to say that I have especially big calves either. I'm only 5'2". So give these strips a shot, but keep in mind you'll need more than 1 box. Oh, and they are sold exclusively at Ulta Stores.

Trish says: I may have to give this waxing system another go, because on my first try my results were tricky at best and completely disastrous at worst. Really, it should be very simple to use - all you have to do is peel the waxing strip from the sticker, press it on the skin and pull, and you're done! No heating or plucking or other steps required. So I'm not sure where I went wrong, I pressed and pulled as directed, and what I got was a sticky, waxy mess! Afraid of rocking the 'stache as Movie Maven called it, I was excited to give this convenient system a try. Yikes, I made a sticky mess of said 'stache instead. And to remove the extra residual wax, one will need a cotton ball and baby oil on hand (which I didn't have but used olive oil instead, which worked!) So perhaps my skill level is at a super low (which is highly possible) or I didn't press firmly enough (which could very well be). Because, if I can find a way to make these strips work - then hair removing maintenance just got that much easier and simplier! For now, it may take a few more practice tries to get it right!

Sultana says: OK, so here is the thing, I am a big baby. I can't even get my eyebrows waxed. I don't like pain, but pain likes me. What the heck was I thinking with waxing at home?? The strips itself do work, but OUCH. All the little hair follicles on my skin immediately started to swell up. Keep in mind, that I have extremely sensitive skin.
I do like that this comes with before and after wipes. Sadly, they were not enough to soothe my skin.
If you don't have super sensitive skin and you are used to waxing, this is a good system. The area that I used it on, pulled all the hair off as the box said it would.

Malikah says: I followed the package directions exactly as described but sadly these were not a success. I used one of the medium strips on my bikini line, pressed it down firmly and pulled off - and nothing. Every hair was still intact. I went over that spot 2 more times with the same strip, and again with a new strip, but it barely got off any of the hair (and there really was not that much hair to begin with, so I know it wasn't a matter of there just being too much). I might try them again because I so desperately want to find the perfect waxing system, but my first attempt was a big flop.


Chic girl said...

It's retailed exclusively in store not online.

Movie Maven said...

Ahhhh! Thanks so much, chic girl

dermatology laser said...

These wax strips are really amazing. No more shame!

TMAC said...

I have just finished an attempt, and to my dismay, it didn't work. I followd the instructions and really got nothing. The strip wouldn't even stick to my face. I have no idea if i did something wrong as i followed the instructions to the letter. To make matters worse, the website on the box isn't valid :(

Anonymous said...

I also tried and it didn't work.