Friday, November 6, 2009

Review- Embryolisse Anti-Ageing Cream

The Anti-Ageing Cream is a smoothing, restructuring vitamin concentrate, for effective firming action. Its nourishing, non-greasy formula counters cutaneous dryness, which speeds up skin aging. Skin is visibly firmer and more toned. $55 for 1.4 oz.

This might be a pun in poor taste but I swear the reason this lotion has "embryo" in it's name is because your face is as soft as a newborn baby's pretty much immediately after the first and subsequent uses. Honestly, I used this before bedtime and the next morning, my skin felt like satin. Also, it smells so pleasant-faintly like roses and something vaguely European. I am in the nascent stage of using this lotion so I don't yet know it's potential transformative qualities but my skin did not disagree with it in any way and the softness my face has taken on has had a big impact on my makeup routine in that I do not need any primer underneath my foundation/tinted moisturizer.

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