Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review - Shu Umera "Rouge Unlimited" Creme Matte Lipstick

shu uemura continues to break boundaries in color creation with the launch of Rouge Unlimited Creme Matte, a unique formula that combines a matte effect with a creamy finish. The two contradicting textures come together in one lipstick, gliding smoothly onto lips for a comfortable fit without drying or creasing. Pure color pay-off and high color fidelity are made possible through a revolutionary 'hybrid pigment.'

Ok, so I recently switched jobs, which some of you might have read recently. Before I worked at a little boutique way up on the North Shore of MA. Meaning I didn't need to wear make up, so very rarely did. Now I work at a major department store where I basically HAVE to look completely manicured at all times. (Not that I mind though, I really am enjoying all the cool new cosmetics I can try at a discounted price!!!!) My biggest problem with lipstick before trying Shu is that most of them don't really stay on very long at all. Then I sampled a few colors of the Shu Creme Matte lipstick. I might never go back. Currently I only have one, in vampy rd 165, but I need to have at least ten more shades!! The color lasts at least four to five hours, and is super pigmented. All of the shades I have tried so far are fabulous, and the feeling is just wonderful. Its creamy and moisturizing, and feels like your barley wearing anything, even though the color is wonderfully rich! I really like this lipstick, and basiclly everything I have tried from Shu. The best part of all is that I found a discountinued shade at a discount store (Nordstrom Rack) for half the original price! I don't care if its discontinued, its still pretty fabulous!

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