Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review- La Roche Posay Mela-D Serum

Visibly corrects dark spots and helps even skin tone with a breakthrough formula that delivers professional-grade results. Contains 1% Kojic Acid (helps reduce the appearance of dark spots), 0.2% LHA and 5.7% Glycolic Acid (provides intense exfoliation to help reduce the size and color intensity of dark spots and help even skin tone. $55 for 1 fl. oz.

I have been using this for two weeks now and even though the product details refer to results after eight weeks, I can already see some fading and evening out of my skintone, particularly the inadvertent damage done over this past summer. Now, I presume my more stubborn freckles are going to take some more time but I am going to continue to add this to my nighttime routine until further notice because what I have seen so far is pretty damn profund. To add to this company's greatness, one can buy it with ease online or at the local drugstore, in the best case scenario. The price point is more than reasonable and while this is only the third product in the line that I have tried, they are definitely batting a thousand.

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