Monday, November 23, 2009

Review- Avon Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion

What have you got to lose, except years of visible aging? Transcend time with a rare skin-strengthening fusion of patented Pro-Sirtuin TX and Gold Polypeptide technologies. $29 for 1.7 fl.oz.

My first thought when I looked at this jar was, "Am I going to sparkle in the sunlight ala Twilight?" Anything with a gold sheen is appealing. But, as I have now learned, gold is meant to sink into the deeper layers of the skin 'instantly.' This treatment, however, never really did sink in. Yes, I felt like I was more moisturized than perhaps ever before and yes, I saw visible changes in only three days but I determined that this emulsion is best suited for someone older with extremely dry skin. Also, after four days, paradoxically, the skin around my nose started to feel irritated and dry and it was uncomfortable enough for me to consult the back of the box which reads: This product may not be for everybody. So, alas, I did end up discontinuing use before the promised "results in 14 days" but since gold never changes its properties, I am going to cross my fingers and hope this jar keeps for 10 years from now and see what's what closer to my 50s!

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