Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review- Nurturing Force Clean Sweep Spray Makeup Remover

Removes eye, face and body makeup without oils, residue or smearing. $12 for 1 oz./$15 for 2 oz.

The Good: Makeup remover in a spray bottle--hmm, it's so crazy it could work! Smells clean. Feels refreshing when applied with a cotton ball/sponge. Does not contain any ingredient under fire in the product community at the moment (i.e. parabens, synthetic oils). Aloe vera is the #1 ingredient which has short and long-term benefits for the skin.

The Bad: It didn't take off my eye makeup without some elbow grease which meant some pulling and tugging on that delicate skin. You need a fair amount of the product to work on bigger jobs (i.e. temp. tattoos, heavy creme makeup, powders blended with liquid set). And the spray bottle idea starts to crumble when you see on the directions that you need to rinse this off. Huh.

The Ugly: My spray bottle didn't work. Mreh.

Malikah says: I have to agree with Josephine here. The spray bottle doesn't really give you much product so you have to spritz several times to get enough out. It did a pretty good job of getting off my foundation and face makeup, but wasn't too effective on my eye makeup, especially my mascara. And I was reeeeeaaaally annoyed at having to rinse this off - I mean isn't the whole point of makeup remover spray/wipes to keep you from having to wash your face? I did however love to use it as a quick way to clean up makeup mistakes. If you usually smudge your liner or spill shadow underneath your eyes, a little spray of this on a cotton swab makes fixing those problems simple.

Hillary says: I agree with what the other two are saying on this product, but I totally soaked my cotton round w/ this stuff & it did get my eye make-up off. However, I had used half the bottle. I am a big fan of Nurturing Force's Blot Out Offensive shine & oil control cream (review coming next week), but I would find this cleanser more convenient if it was one thing or another, i.e. a rinse off cleanser or a waterless spray make-up remover. It's sort of a combo & I'm missing the point. The first time I used this, I didn't rinse as I didn't read the directions & nothing bad happened, so at least it's mild. I really wanted to like this and I don't hate it. I just don't get it.

Trish says: I agree with Hillary - I just don't get this. I will say it does work somewhat to remove a little make-up, such as eyeshadow, blush, some powder here and there, but to me, it feels like a whole lot of prep work just for a normal facial cleansing. I can see how if one is wearing tons of makeup and need the first swipe to remove layer one, this might come in handy, otherwise it reminds me of a pre-cleaning before the actual cleaning. I'm sure there are multiple uses for this makeup removing spray, but for an ordinary wash, this spray seems a lot like an extra step. However, if I happen to cake on some heavy make-up one day for a special event or occasion, I'll likely use this to help me clear some of those layers away!

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