Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review- Alba Coconut Milk Body Cream

Signature ingredient: Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids. The oil of this tropical fruit nourishes and moisturizes for smooth, soft skin.
Product description: Topical plant emollients with nourishing coconut blended in a rich, luxurious body cream to soften, soothe and smooth rough, dry, flaky skin. 6.5 oz (180 g) $12.95

It's not even winter yet and my body's ready for hydration! Plus, the scent of coconut oil in a lavish and rich body cream instantly takes me away to a tropical island. Major bonus points for giving me the impression that I'm sitting on the beach on a warm and sunny vacation! This Alba Coconut Milk Body Cream is the perfect remedy for those winter blues. Not only is the scent amazingly tropical in a delightfully fresh way, but it leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturized, you wouldn't even know that the change of seasons has already taken place. I especially like applying this on my elbows, knees and heel areas, as directed, because before things get scaly, I feel whisked away on an island retreat! It is also made with aloe, vanilla, guava, papaya and mango extracts, as well as Kukui and macadamia nut oils, and protective shea butter - the ideal ingredients for your skin's tropical getaway - even in the midst of cooling temperatures!

Movie Maven says:
I know I frequently say this about various body butters and creams that we review on this site, but seriously: I COULD EAT THIS LOTION. I shouldn't even really call it a lotion, because it is so much more than that. It's so creamy I don't know what to do with myself. If you put it in a pie crust, I would probably eat it (and then be like "why are you wasting this body cream in my mouth when it should be hydrating my dry skin? Give me some strawberry rhubarb pie instead.") It smells ridiculously amazing (if you like coconut, but then again, why would you even consider buying this if you don't like coconut), and is perfect for after the shower. My one caveat is that if you, like me, take your showers before bedtime, give yourself some time to just sit and hydrate before getting into bed.

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