Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review- Living Proof No Frizz Wave Shaping Curl Defining Styling Spray

A lightweight spray that dries fast and leaves hair with incredible shine without an ounce of frizz. Also contains a lightweight, touchable holding polymer to give your waves and curls a touch of added definition. No Frizz works great on color-treated hair, too. $24 for 3.4oz.

Allure magazine had a write-up on Living Proof when they first came on the scene. The products were brilliantly marketed with the fact that chemists had come up with these revolutionary formulas. Now having a father-in-law who made a living from inventing paint, I have mad respect for those that make life better through chemistry--ha! Anyway, I have wanted to try this based on the idea that this technology does NOT use silicone to make the hair smooth. It's awesome. Even the wavy formula made my hair smooth, like the chance for frizz was 0.00. I did use it before blowing it out so my goal was technically straight hair but that's indeed what I got. About a week later, I let my hair air dry out of sheer laziness but I sprayed this on it and it dried so beautifully. Love it.

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LaQT said...

Seems like this is a product worth trying.