Monday, November 16, 2009

Review- Schick Intuition Plus Razor

New! Enhanced moisturizing solid 4 blades
lathers, shaves & moisturizes in one easy step leaving your skin noticeably softer. $9.99

I have a strong commitment to using "some kind of" shaving cream item after some missteps in that department along the way of my twenty-five year shaving career. I was admittedly doubtful that this slightly clunky item could provide enough slip while removing the hair off of my legs. But it works great and the weight and size of the razor is surprisingly adept at maneuvering around knees and ankles. Four blades or no, I haven't had much of a notable difference with more or less blades but with four, the shave is, of course, really close and there have been no errant swipes that have caused any nicks or cuts thus far. I haven't needed to replace the extra cartridge that comes with your purchase (meaning I have gotten a solid two weeks out of each one) yet but I plan to. This razor is better than good for its sheer innovation of combining the cream with the razor and making my shower a place where "less is more" reigns free.

Trish Says: In the past I've always used men's razors (two blades were all I could handle) because for the most part they seemed to work slightly better than our female counterparts. I have to say though, the ladies have won out on this Schick Intuition Plus razor! It was so gentle to use and soft on the skin, I wasn't even sure I was shaving at all. It really worked that well and with four blades too. Needless to say, I am surprised and happy that finally a razor built for women works for women. No nicks and accidental slips and the curves seem to fit just right. Most importantly I got a clean and close shave that left my skin feeling softer and smoother because of the moisturizer - something the men's blades were lacking - and it's nice to finally have a product that works for the ladies just as well, if not more gentler and nicer.
Yay for the ladies all around!

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