Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review- Pond's Original Clean Towelettes

No other leading towelette is better at removing makeup and impurities. The most gentle of Pond's® towelettes, these combine gentle deep cleaning with effective makeup removal to whisk away dirt and makeup in one easy, portable step.

Boy did these come in handy on Saturday night! After a typical night-out on the town with the girls, I poured myself into bed, and almost committed the number 1 beauty sin: going to sleep with your makeup on. Luckily I had stashed these Pond’s Wet-Cleansing Towelettes on my nightstand. One little towelette removed most of my makeup in one swipe. I did have a bit of raccoon eyes in the morning, so if you are wearing a lot of makeup, you may want to be a bit more thorough, especially around the eye area. Overall it did a pretty good job cleansing, and my skin felt soft in the morning, even though I skipped my moisturizer.

Josephine says: Yep, yep, my skin also felt really hydrated afterwards and I, too, skipped moisturizer with little or no harsh impact on my life! They are little too flowery smelling for my taste but they do the trick and seem to be compatible with my sometimes-sensitive visage.

Hillary says: I like these cleansing cloths with one important caveat- don't rub your eyes with them. If you can't get everything off, just leave it & get it the next day. I only had that problem one time when I was wearing about 2 lbs. of eye make-up, but I paid for the rubbing the next day. But other than that, I used the whole package without a hitch. These work just as well as my regular brand although as Josephine said, they are a little too fragranced. For the price, they're good, but they aren't my #1 choice. They do their job though, so I find no fault with them there. In my opinion, they are ok. Nothing more, nothing less.

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