Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Review- Casa di Francesca Home Diffuser

Tiny fragrant Strawberries grow wild in the woodlands and hedgerows, lining the paths and stone walkways like a beautiful crimson carpet. A delightful treat for all of the senses, their deliciously inviting fragrance brings a ray of sunshine to any room of the home. $39.50 for 200ml

The description above references woodlands and strawberries growing wild and free in nature. That's all well and good but on the really real? This fragrance oil smells straight-up like Bubblicious Strawberry Splash gum and that's that. Please don't misunderstand though. There is absolutely NO shame in anything smelling like bubble gum, in fact, I'd take a faint whiff of Hubba Bubba Blueberry over any super-flowery scent, so I am a big fan of this diffuser set. It's a beautifully packaged bottle subtle enough to fade into the fabric of the decor of any room but pretty enough to sit prominently on a table. And as an aside, my toddler is obsessed with the bell on the ribbon around the bottle's neck. He has asked, "Why is there a bell there? Why? Why?" about a gazillion times. I figured it out though--it's to alert an adult when your child or cat has impulsively tipped over the bottle. Heh.

Hillary says: I received this diffuser set in Deep Lilac & it is gorgeous. It's almost gone now thanks to a mishap initiated by a curious cat, but for weeks I would smell fresh lilacs each time I walked into my apartment. I highly recommend the diffuser, so long as you keep it away from any pets or children. Mine is currently on top of my bookcase. It works just fine from there, but when it spilled earlier this month, it took the varnish off of my hardwood floor! That aside, so long as you keep flipping the reeds, this diffuser will continue to let off scent. The fragrance oil is highly concentrated and although it's powerful enough to scent my large living room, it's not so strong it makes you sick of it. All in all, I would buy another one of these diffusers and simply put it where it is now- out of reach. On
HSN.com they are having a sale on certain scents and they carry some beautiful Murano Glass diffusers which would make perfect Holiday gifts.

Deedlejuse Says: I received this diffuser in Orange Blossom, and let me say it is scrumptious. I love the idea of the reed diffuser, and this one does not disappoint. I love that they are marginally less expensive than many you can find around. (this one runs for $40~, while others of the same size will cost you $60 plus!) The amount of oil you receive will definitely last you a couple of months at least (I've had mine for about two months and you can't even tell its been there for that long!) Its still as strong as the day we unpacked it. The trick is you have to flip the reeds ever week or so, whenever you need to enhance the smell. The bottle is also really pretty, but you could conceivably switch it out for something you prefer.
The fragrance is wonderful. Have you ever seen an orange tree (or other citrus tree) in full bloom? It is a wonderful rich round floral with buttery notes. It is not a citrus smell, if you are looking for a citrus look elsewhere! But if you have ever spent time near an orange tree you might need to go out and get this diffuser! I'm really enjoying this and I'm sure you will too!

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