Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Review- Heidi Klum for Victoria Secret Lip Gloss

Introducing the limited-edition Heidi Collection 2009, Exotic Jewels. Inspired by Heidi's life-changing trip to the spiritual city of Varanasi, India, it's her most personal creation yet. The collection interprets her exotic discoveries into a sparkling and rich palette of irresistible shades in packaging as beautiful and precious as Heidi's favorite jewels. Domestic. $14.

This lip gloss is like having Heidi in a tube. No it won’t give you her amazing legs or perfect bone structure, or the miraculous ability to sprout a six pack days after giving birth. But it will keep your lips bold and shiny, soft and glamorous. The formula is slick, but not at all greasy, so you can toss your hair and strike a diva pose without worrying about strands sticking to your lips. The only thing I didn’t like about the gloss was that it has a sweet, candy like smell to it that reminds me of those flavored glosses that were all the rage in junior high. It doesn’t have a taste, but I’m just not a fan of scented glosses period. But the color was gorgeous, moisturizing, and pretty long-wearing for a gloss, so I think I can live with the scent.


Crissy K said...

I had the same disappointment with this product. Gorgeous wearability and color. But the smell is awful. It's like some bad chocolate or something :( so sad.

Hillary said...

Thanks for the comment Crissy!