Sunday, December 6, 2009

Review - Alcone Fast Lash

Fast Lash is a unique makeup product, that when applied properly, makes lashes dramatically longer. It gives the look of false eyelashes without the hassle. Fast Lash is a micro fine polyester fiber used in conjunction with regular mascara.

Generally I love Alcone products. Their eyelash curlers and tweezers are really the best on the market, or at least I have never found anything better. This product, however, is just kind of weird, and difficult. After many attempts to apply the fibers in the correct fashion, and reapply my mascara afterwards I was left with red irritated and teary eyes. I was particularly not in the mood to go out and show off my amazingly long eyelashes! I gave up, but my eye lashes are very long anyways, and they are pretty dark by themselves, so I really didn’t feel the need to put myself through torture for eyelashes that were honestly just too long. I think that if you have eyelashes that you would like to pump up to a bulk that you (probably) haven’t seen before, and have a steady hand and lots of perseverance than give this stuff a try. You will need to practice, but I think you will be excited by the results.

Malikah says: I was totally freaked out when I first opened the tube and a whole bunch of white flakes fell all over the place. After precisely following the directions, I was left with pretty long, dark, and still natural looking lashes, but the process was just too much for me. Compared to my usual high-end mascara the results were pretty comparable (hey, I'm a drama girl). If you usually wear a more natural looking mascara and just want something to jazz up your look for a special night, then you'll love this. It is a bit diffucult to apply, but waay easier than dealing with falsies.

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