Sunday, December 6, 2009

Review- Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner

Marini Hair dramatically improves the appearance of aging, and environmentally and chemically-damaged hair, and gives it renewed body and bounce. Results are visible from the first application. This unparalleled hair rejuvenation product immediately gives hair a renewed appearance of body and bounce. Hair will appear significantly thicker, fuller, lusher and dense and results will become progressively more pronounced with continued use. $170 for a 4 oz. spray bottle.

Warning: I'm about to sound like a cheesy infomercial right now. This stuff really works, and works amazingly. I've been guilty of chemically treating and heat styling my hair for years, and the result is thinned out, dry, damaged locks and a hairline that has started creeping further and further back. I tried Marini Hair with my usual skepticism, but have never been more impressed with any product. Ever. I applied it each night, concentrating around my temples and scant hairline, and after 6 weeks the results are incredible. The hair around my temples and front hairline has almost completely grown back, as if it had been there all along. Now I know this stuff is pricey, but here are two reasons why I think its a totally justified expense: first, after 6 weeks of daily use, the bottle still looks completely full and at this rate it will last forever; and two, if you're like me, you've wasted a lot of money on products that didn't really work, so take comfort knowing that you will not be disappointed with this. And I'm just thrilled that I can pull my hair straight back into a ponytail without worrying about my over-exposed forehead!

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