Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review- Satina Handheld & Desktop Mirror

Our ingenious folding mirror is fun and practical and was created for use as a handheld or for your desktop. This high definition mirror is perfect for your precision application of your makeup and beauty needs. It unfolds to reveal a 3x magnification mirror for detailed use. It’s certain to be your favorite mirror for all occasions.

This mirror is as practical as it is adorable. You can use it as a hand-held mirror (perfect for checking out the back of your hair) or fold the handle and prop it up on your vanity. The mirror is just large enough to see your entire face and the magnifying side allows for great precision when applying makeup. I wish it were just a tiny bit bigger for styling because I had to move it around a bit to see my entire hair style, but overall its pretty handy.

Trish says: This really is a cute and functioning mirror. Not to get all vain at the office, but this mirror would be perfect to have tucked away in your desk drawer. It sits up perfectly on its own, and has two sides - one for regular use that is really clear and without any funny distortions. On the other magnifying side, you get an ever better close up just to make sure everything happens to fall in the right place. So for a quick touch up or a nice beauty check whether at home or at the office - this mirror provides the perfect tool for a small and convenient job. A definite purchase especially for those quick beauty fixes in the office, when no one's looking!

Sultana says: I agree! This mirror is so functional and just plain cute! I keep this right in my beauty drawer at work (yes I have a beauty drawer at work, don't judge me!). Some mirrors don't show you all you need to see. This one does, in two different ways! Keep it at home, work or on the go!

Hillary says: This mirror came in the nick of time for me as my husband broke my other 2 sided mirror just about the same time I got this one. It's small enough to take with you, but big enough to do your whole face with. I find it indispensable for doing my eyebrows as the magnifying side works really well. Oh, and like everyone has said, it's awfully cute.

Josephine says: So pretty I stuck one in my kit and one in MakeUpMania's makeover drawer for people who want to see their eye makeup up close. I have the hot pink ones, btw. For those who really love the color pink, you must pronouce it like this: "peeeeenk." It should also be noted that my toddler threw this mirror across the room mid-tantrum and it came away unscathed.

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