Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Review - Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths

These luxuriously soft cloths are soaked with mild makeup remover to gently remove all makeup including mascara quickly and completely. You don't need water and there is no need to rinse. Just wipe away all of your makeup. OK Magazine called them the lazy girl's answer to soap and water. $6- $200

Look, I am a busy woman. I have things going on, people. And sometimes, those things get in the way of me removing all of my makeup before bed. Yes! I know it is wrong. And yes! I know it is bad for my skin. But sometimes you get home at 4am and the thought of doing anything except drinking a 1-liter bottle of seltzer water in your bed is too much to handle. TOO MUCH, I SAY. This is where Alcone's Makeup Remover Cloths come in. They are sensitive, they are effective, they smell nice, and they are bigger than any other makeup remover cloth I've used (which is a few). But the best, best thing about these cloths is that they are individually-wrapped. Now, I am not a fan of making more garbage than is necessary, but typically with these types of cloths, I always seem to end up throwing away half the pack because they dry out. No worries on that front with the Alcone ones! Hooray! Plus, it makes them easy to stick in your purse for those nights when you wake up somewhere other than your own bed (for those of you who do that kind of thing. I wouldn't know.

Josephine says: The convenience is irresistible, it's true! I would like to add something about the pleasant scent that Movie Maven ref'ed. It's like a hint of cucumber carried on a springtime breeze. I think the individual packaging also allows for a deeply soaked cloth that does not then require subsequent cloths for one's stubborn eye makeup, for example. These little dollies are the most benign yet hard-working makeup remover cloths around from what I have seen.

Trish says: Finally, a makeup remover wipe that works and allows me to skip that occasional facial wash for whatever reasons - mostly passing out after a fun night out or taking a short nap which somehow turned into a deep sleep which then turns into I just can't be bothered at 3 am. This takes the "guilt" out of the equation and lets me get back to sleep easily or drunkenly! The best part being that I feel that it truly does remove all that makeup and eyeshadow, mascara, blush and who knows what else I put on during the day. Each individually wrapped cloth is soaked with cleansing goodness and it left my skin feeling rather fresh and clean and make-up free no matter what the circumstances were...perfect for travel, or on-the-go situations, or plain old good times and sheer exhaustion from work or play. I love these wipes and my favorite part being is that there is no rinsing required. The perfect product enabler to skip a night of cleansing or two without the guilt required!

Malikah says: I've never used a makeup remover wipe before - I'm usually pretty religious about my cleansing routine. But Alcone's individually wrapped makeup remover wipes will make my late-night routine so much easier! I stashed these on my nightstand, and when I came home last night and plopped into bed, one little wipe removed all my makeup, including my heavy Friday night smoky eye. No moisturizer needed either, as my face was baby smooth in the morning. These are perfect for travel too, especially if your fave cleanser doesn't come in a travel size.

Sultana says: I too have been guilty of going to bed without removing my makeup. Sometimes I am just too tired and other times I am just too lazy! In comes Alcone wipes. WOW. Let's just say my skin is super sensitive and I used this and had no kind of reaction. One wipe, front and back took off all my makeup for the day. Mascara, powder, lipstick and eye shadow. With such simplicity, how can you go wrong?

Hillary says: I am a bit of a connoisseur of make-up remover cloths as I use them all the time. I really like these cloths in particular because I feel like they leave minimal-to-no residue on your face. If you've ever used make-up remover wipes you know that you can sometimes end up with a tight feeling on your skin from what's been left behind. Not so with these wipes. They also have a very light, cucumber scent which is refreshing and does not linger. One wipe can clean my entire face and neck and that's with moderate amounts of liquid eyeliner, full mascara and generally, red lipstick. But the best part is I don't have to rub at all with these wipes. I've used others where you had to put some force behind them to remove your make-up and the next day my eyes were raw. These are gentle and effective. My only concern is the packaging. True, they stay fresher longer and they are a make-up artist staple because they are individually packaged, but I wish they made a multi-pack do I didn't have to waste a plastic wrapper for each wipe (hint-hint Alcone). Other than that, I love them.

Melissa says: I really love these make up remover wipes. First, they smell really good, almost like they have a hint of cucumber or something refreshing. I was so happy that the wipe didn't burn my skin because it's sensitive. The directions say that there's not need to rinse and I have to admit that they are correct. Your face feels fresh and make up free after a wipe or two (although, I did have to rinse out of habit). Next time, I'm going to put them in the fridge for an extra blast of freshness!

Deedlejuse Says: So, guilty: I have already repurchased. I got about 14 of these little gems, and on day 10 I had to bite the bullet and invest! Nothing is better for me the super-lazy-about-removing-the-day kind of person than a beautifully scented wipe that takes everything off in about 30 seconds. I am a believer, without a doubt. 80 packets can be purchased for $30, and for me thats a total bargain!

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