Monday, December 28, 2009

Review- KohGenDo Maifanshi Moisture Foundation

Introducing the Paraben Free Moisture Foundation. A 3D Real Skin Foundation, the next generation High Def foundation is here now.

I think this may be my current favorite foundation (ever)! I can absolutely see why it won a Shecky's 2009 Beauty At Its Best Award. While being ultra moisturizing for the skin, the coverage is surprisingly amazing and as a result my skin looks super smooth and completely flawless too! The best part is that it feels so lightweight and unbelievably clean, and it still somehow provides maximum coverage at the same time. If you're a fan of tinted moisturizers, but also need little more coverage (hey, who doesn't from time to time, right?), look no further this is the stuff. It wears like the best tinted moisturizer ever, but provides coverage like a super foundation! How completely dreamy.

Hillary says: I too, love this foundation. Unfortunately they sent us a shade that I can only wear when I'm tan (which is practically never), but when I did have a tan a while back I absolutely loved it. Talk about moisturizing! This foundation is full coverage and entirely moisturizing. You could easily mix this with a moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer. Another bonus about this foundation is that they have a lot of shades which are perfect for Asian skin. So few cosmetics companies pay attention to that entire segment of the population. This is one of those moisturizers I would recommend for, say, your wedding or that important interview. It's just that good. Combine it with the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Natural Lighting Powder & your face will look flawless!


Anonymous said...

is it worth $52? Ii guess I am going to remove your site from my bookmarks. You guys get free stuff and don't seem to consider price. Why should you - you get it free.

Trish said...

Actually, it is one of the rare foundations that is worth the price in my opinion as I haven't tried anything like it before. Also, I see where you are coming from and would keep this for special occasions or specific times when I would want my skin to look really nice, but would continue to use a more cost-friendly foundation for day-to-day normal usage. Thank you for the response.

Hillary said...

May I add that price is in the eye of the beholder. I'm dirt broke but I always make sure to scrpe together the money for Dior Forever foundation. We take nothing for granted; we've reviewed everything from e.l.f. to Koh Gen Do!