Sunday, December 20, 2009

Review - Nick Chavez Volumizing Hairspray

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Volumizing Extra Hold Hairspray is perfect for any type of hair, from fine to heavy, from curly to textured.

Sometimes I think maybe I was a Texan pageant contestant in another life. I love sparkly dresses and fake eyelashes and big, big hair. So, Texan pageant contestant or drag queen, possibly. In any event, none of these things are really suitable for everyday life, so I have to make do with quotidian alternatives. Sparkly dress? No, just a really insane necklace. Fake eyelashes? No, but I will pile on that mascara, child. And big, big hair? Well...that I do try to get. My poker-straight hair loves to just lay limply on my head like overcooked fetuccine, so I do what I can to get it to fluff up. This Nick Chavez Volumizing Hairspray certainly helps. Now, I know it looks like it might be a fancier version of the infamous AquaNet (which, truth be told, I ain't mad at), but trust: this stuff is much, much better. It will provide volume without all the sticky ickiness of that classic purple can. It's not the best at holding, however, so if you're using this for an updo, you might be better off with something more intense. For adding fluff to your regular style, though, it's great. So if you're a Texan pageant queen, a drag queen, or just the queen of your own domain, try this stuff out.

says: I've never actually used a volumizing hairspray so I wasn't quite sure to do with it. Other than holding an updo in place I never wondered what else hair spray was capable of. It did do a decent job at boosting the volume in my hair, especially if I used it along with my curling iron. But it pretty much had zero hold, while my curls were full and bouncy post-styling, they pretty much fell flat in a few hours.

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