Sunday, December 20, 2009

Review - Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash

Infuses skin with hydrating emollients, Deeply moisturizes dry skin. Leaves it soft and smooth.

This Dove Body Wash is really lovely. Its rich, thick and creamy and really hydrates the skin nicely. The smell is classic Dove, soft and soapy and clean with a hint of floral undertones. For the price this body wash is definitely worth it and a little goes a long way, but it foams very nicely and doesn't really leave any residuals, which I like. It does leave a powdery smell on your skin, but nothing offensive or even that noticeable. I would say that if your skin needs some moisture from the super-dry winter air look no further for a very inexpensive solution!

Trish says: I've always loved the classic Dove moisturizing wash. It has been my solid standby choice forever, as far as body cleansers go. So, trying the new Deep Moisture Dove with Nutrium, I was sure that I'd love the new modifications too without a doubt. Well, sad to say, not exactly. The scent was too perfumey for me - so here's one example where the original exceeds the upgrade. I still love Dove products in general, but the new brand had too strong of a perfume like fragrance for me to fully embrace. If you like the new scent, you won't be disappointed with the overall cleansing and moisturizing of the body wash, but if a strong floral scent is too much for you to handle, the original Dove is still a winning classic!

Malikah says: my biggest beauty sin is taking too hot showers. For some reason, I just can't stand it if the water isn't almost scalding hot. Yes, I know that dries the skin. Yes, I know this is really really bad in the middle of winter. But that is one thing that will probably never change. To help me deal with this bad habit, I'm always looking for an ultra-moisturizing body wash that will help replenish some of the moisture that my shower heat burns off. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash smells great, and develops into a rich gently cleansing lather. It doesn't quite leave my skin moisturized the way I'd like, so I guess because of my shower issues I need something crazy moisturizing. But if you're a girl who doesn't like to torture her skin with scalding water, I bet this would work wonders for you.

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