Monday, December 21, 2009

Review - Yoga Toes

Ultimate Freedom After Shoes
relax & refresh overworked feet
stretch & strengthen foot muscles
help improve & prevent foot problems
soft, flexible & hypo-allergenic

One Pair:$49.95
Two Pairs: $39.95 each
Three Pairs: $33.00 each

CitySlicker Says:

Why did I buy these?? Well, I kept on seeing them in the back of just about every magazine I read. I finally jumped and got a pair. I picked them up in the fall and I got them because some nights after work, and especially after working out, my feet are killing me. I had a little trouble fitting my toes in at first - they seemed too short, but since this is a gem material, they totally bend and easily move. I couldn't wait to try them out. I popped 'em on, and I swear they really do stretch out the foot. I am not sure about them strengthening my foot though. I started out wearing them every night for a short time - I can't really walk around in them then it faded to when my feet were really bothering me. They do relax and my feet and they aren't in pain - it's like a little spa experience for the tootsies. I will continue to use them.

Also I wanted to mention that as for the yoga toes straightening out the phalanges that hasn't happened.. I do like to wear the pointy shoes and my big toes does point a bit to the smaller toes, over all of this time, I don't see a difference.. When I take them off, I notice but shortly there after they go back to the normal position.. My feet feel good after taking them off, like a serious stretch.. I stretch everything else so why not the feet too.. All in all they are a fun product!

Deedlejuse Says:

Sooo.... I guess I might have to second all above about my Yoga Toes. I think they are marginally over-priced for what they are, and I really didn't feel any straightening going on. I have a HUGE bunion though, and I strongly believe that the only real relief for it will be surgery down the road.....The feeling is quite satisfying after a long day, but just sitting and working on flexing those muscles does the same trick.

I agree that Yoga Toes are a fun product, I just wish they worked better!

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