Friday, December 11, 2009

Review - Brushlab Pretty Pink Dual Mirror Brush

Ultra-fashionable dual purpose hand mirror plus nylon ball-tipped styling/detangling brush. Great size for travel.

You know that commercial for some sort of body wash that's two things in one that has a hot centaur taking a shower, and he's like "I like this body wash because it's two things in one," and you are like "wow, that guy is attractive, but he is also a centaur. I don't know how I feel about that." That's how I feel about this brush. It's great - very cute, totally serviceable as a brush you keep, say, in your office drawer for midday touch-ups, pink, and it has an attached mirror - but the mirror is on the back of the brush. How am I supposed to brush my hair AND look at myself at the same time?! I guess I should be grateful there's a mirror at all. I also really enjoy the handle; it's quite comfortable.

Malikah says: How could you not love this brush? It’s a super feminine hot pink hue, with a mirror on the back. I always love multi-use products, and this one is especially travel friendly. The round bristles are perfectly spaced to allow for detangling in a jiffy, and keep your mane looking smooth and shiny. Just make sure you don’t drop it or you may end up with 7 years of bad luck!
Josephine says: I want to praise the good first: The color is among my all-time favorites. The brushing experience is gentle yet thorough. The handle is indeed comfy. With that said, I am with MM on this one. I can only assume that in this specific case, the brush and the mirror "just happen" to be occupying the same space, not that they are meant to combine to make brushing one's hair any easier, per se. I like the potential that if you want to save space in your desk/purse/whathaveyou this would be a good thing. But it gave me pause and the the fairy of discerment visited me and invited me to redefine the whole "two-in-one" thing. This is not like a body wash/in-shower lotion but rather like an ottoman that also has storage. You just can't put your feet up while you're routing around it looking for the remote. You know?

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