Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review- Marini Lash

Now you can enjoy dazzling dense and lush eyelashes and eyebrows—with a stunning new product from the research labs of Jan Marini. Marini Lash—the first and still the best, although others have tried to imitate it—this revolutionary eyelash and eyebrow enhancement formulation has surpassed even our expectations. You will see remarkable results in weeks. $160 for .23 oz.

Even though it hasn't quite been the "suggested" amount of time one should use this eyelash growth conditioner to see big results, I looked in the mirror today and all of the sudden I have daddy longlegs at the end of my eyelids. They don't even need a hint of mascara because they are so thick and long. Looking back over the last week, the urge to skip mascara has come upon me at least three times and while I do occasionally go without when I have a stronger makeup look on my eyes, I rarely make that decision without some deliberation. But this past week I haven't even consciously reached for my trusty tube because it didn't occur to me that I needed it. So! Given those circumstances I am pleased to announce that this stuff totally works and worked in approximately one month of nightly use. The tube is totally easy, you apply it like you would a liquid liner, there was no irritation in any way and even though I might have been experiencing the placebo effect when I swore my lashes looked different after two weeks, who cares! The end result is the same--I feel like my lashes look cra-mazing. And to think there was a moment in time when I was contemplating pricey eyelash extensions... Ha!

Sultana says: I was very skeptical when I got this. But even so, I kept an open mind because I really wanted this to work. I have lashes that get super thick and long when I wear mascara. What I intended to get out of this, is to be able to use less mascara. WOW, I got it!!!!!!!!! After solidly using this for one month, my lashes sprouted! They got longer and a little bit fuller. I noticed that I only needed one coat of mascara instead of two!
Now this is kind of pricey, but it lasts for six months. I know women that would buy this in a minute. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for something that truly works. I am so excited to see what my lashes will be like in another couple of months!

Trish says: I agree with Sultana, I too was skeptical at first, convinced that nothing short of a miracle would make my sparse lashes thicker, fuller, and stronger. And despite my own mental stubbornness, this stuff really worked! There are new lashes growing along the lash line where I've never seen before, my thin and wimpy lashes are so much stronger and resilient now - and I can use my favorite eye lash curler without fear of new lashes falling off. While the lashes aren't quite super long yet, (still the miracle case) they are definitely fuller and thicker and are steadily growing with each use. I'm amazed that this wonderful tube (which applies as easy as a liquid eyeliner) can last for 6 months! Definitely worth the long-term investment in my opinion. Plus, you need to apply only a small amount - which I've been very diligent about- and can still see some true and visible results that are amazing. Highly recommended as an eyelash booster - this Marini Lash conditioner works like magic!

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