Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review- KohGenDo Maifanshi Lipstick

This light and sheer lipstick adds polish to lips and brightens up the face. Wears smooth and soft, like a lip cream. Protects lips from dryness and damaging agents like wind and the environment. Lips become healthier the more often you use it.

I have this lipstick in the Nude Beige, which is by far my favorite nude I have ever tried. There is this wonderful vibrancy it brings to your lips, I think it is without a doubt a combination of the wonderful moisturizers and the high pigmentation of this lip color that makes my lips look fuller and healthier than they do without it. My only concern is that $35 is an awfully high number for a lipstick. The highest priced lipstick I have tried, other than this one, was around $28 and I was shocked by the price tag even though the lipstick was organic and had good staying power. This one does not last that long, I'd say two hours max, and it is super moisturizing so you must use a bit more than I would with most lipsticks. Regardless, I love it. My lips have improved exponentially since I started wearing it, and for that the extra expense is well worth it in my book. If you have been looking for an extraordinary lipstick please give this one a try!

Hillary says: I would be sooo lazy if I just wrote "ditto", but that is pretty much the way I feel. This is one of those nudes I can see using on most skins except the darkest. It's somewhere between opaque and sheer, so your natural skin tone will dictate the shade, but it is a beautiful shade of beige with enough warmth to not wash out one's face. As Deedlejuse says, it's very pricey, but much like I said in my review for the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Foundation, this is an awesome choice for a special occasion. I got a little more wear out of it than D did, but this lipstick is more about the moisture than the long wear. It makes your lips feel like silk and I have to say this is the only lipstick I own that I can wear without lip balm. Thus the price tag. If this sounds ideal to you- or your lips- bust out the cash from your Christmas stocking & buy one.

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