Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review- Pixi by Petra Nail Polish

Developed to provide a fantastic full spectrum of shades, that will withstand wear and tear. Formulated for high definition and high gloss nail colour whether it’s a natural French manicure or a sultry bright red or even a fashion forward purple!

Pixi Nail Polish in Number 17 is a tropical red, slightly opalescent hue, totally my type of nail polish. It was really inappropriate for this season, but will be super fun next summer. Not only was the shade gorgeous, but it dried super fast. Unfortunately it wasn't really durable - it started chipping the next day, and my mani was totally rugged by day 3. If you can live with having to touch up your polish every couple of days then great, but for me that was kind of a deal breaker.

Sultana says: I got this in # 10 which is Dusty Rose. I am a nail polish nut. I also like shimmery & glittery colors. This one is nice, its just not me. They call me Glitter Girl in my office for a reason! I did see that the website sells some shimmery colors. I wouldn't mind trying one of those, because aside from the color; the brand is OK. It lasted a few days and didn't chip too much.

Trish says: I'm wearing the clear and translucent pink shade - No. 2... I like that it goes on like a sheer polish but also has a light touch of color that is both soft and feminine. It's so light that even if the polish started to chip, I didn't really notice. I also used this translucent shade as a top coat - it turned my current pale pink polish into a prettier high shine and glossier finish. As the others have mentioned, the polish by itself is "okay", but with the right color and its versatility, I'm growing fond of this little bottle of pink polish.

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