Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review- BrushLab Volumize Square Cushion Paddle Brush

Get big hair with the Volumize Hairbrush by BrushLab. Paddle brush's cushioned design and ball tipped tines provide a comforting massage. The Volumize Hairbrush by BrushLab features a non-slip handle.

When it comes to hair brushes, I sure can fall in love quickly and develop the oddest and strangest attachments to them. And so it is with this lovely and highly effective Volumize Hairbrush from BrushLab. It comes in a generous 3.25 in. brush head (which I adore) and the bristles are light enough to not tug too tightly on the hair, yet incredibly strong to get through each and every strand or tangle and distribute the hair's natural shine and smoothness everywhere. The handle is nicely padded with a good grip, so no matter what state your hair is in, this brush can take it. I love how wild and full and big my hair looks after a thorough brush ...no need to worry though, the poofiness and frizz does calm down naturally on its own and if you're pressed for time like me, I either use anti-frizz serum right away and/or tie it up in a loose ponytail while getting ready. The final result: the fullest and thickest and waviest my hair has ever looked and shinier too! I love this brush so much, I really am attached to it. I think it's my favorite!

Deedlejuse says: I have to totally agree with Trish on this wonderful Volumizing Paddle Brush, and I have no idea what hair type she has (which means it must be super versatile!) Personally, I have super thick, but super straight hair. It isn't easily teased into anything close to "big" hair, but this brush does a pretty good job of getting it to look a lot closer to it. The best thing for me is definitely the fact that my hair looks soooo much shinier after using it for a while, it doesn't snag a lot so the amount of breakage and flyaways is minimal. This is something that my relatively thin hair desprately loves about it! All in all this is the one hair brush I haven't (and won't) be able to loose too easily. (two reasons: its my favorite. It's bright green....)

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