Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review- Embryolisse Hydrating Cream With Orange Extract

Crème Hydratante à l'extrait d'orange (Moisturizing Cream with Extract of Oranges)
is specially formulated to improve moisture content in the upper layers of the skin. Vitamins A, B, C, and H stimulate and instantly rehydrates the skin. The light, non-greasy formulation makes it perfect for year-round use.

In the summer, I try my best to tame my manic and uncontrollable oily skin, however, in the winter, it's the very opposite and I really want and welcome any kind of nourishment available. Thank goodness for the Embryolisse line! They really know how to moisturize and hydrate with the lightest of touch. I tried the Hydrating Cream with Orange Extract and can literally feel the soft nourishment absorbing into my skin. It leaves the skin super smooth and as others have mentioned earlier "baby" soft. If you have combination skin that is seasonally temperamental like mine, rest assured that this Embryolisse Hydrating Cream works just as beautifully for oily types in the winter! Otherwise, I think this is an excellent moisturizer for those who lean on the drier side year round, because it does fully hydrate and absorbs wonderfully onto the skin.


Anonymous said...

Nice post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Trish said...

Cool, glad we could help you!

Isobel said...

hi, i was wondering - does this products actually have a smell of oranges? i really love hand creams and oils that smell like oranges but i want to know if this one does before i buy it.

Trish said...

Hi Isobel

Thanks for asking. This particular hydrating cream has a very very faint orange can smell a trace of it lightly, but it's not strong and heavily scented in an citrusy way. It still works nice though and does carry a light whiff of the orange essence.

Hope that helps in your decision making!