Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review - All About Hands Avocado Hand Lotion

Packed with nourishing ingredients and emollients, this lightweight lotion has been specially formulated to be absorbed quickly into the skin and is perfect for hard-working hands

So, if we are all living in the same world here I have to assume that everyone else is just as sick and tired of their hand cream feeling sticky and greasy and leaving finger prints all over EVERYTHING. I know I only gave it ten minutes to soak in but SERIOUSLY I have a life here people! Finally, an answer that will not leave your mind worrying about ingredients, your hands unhappy and not moisturized, and you wallet all but empty. All About Hands comes from the Upper Canada Soap Co. which seams like a small, but very contentious company that I would be more than happy to support. I mean the first ingredient is aqua for goodness sake! It is paraben free, synthetic dye free, & phthalate free (Im not sure I know what that means, but I like it!) aaannnddd it leaves my hands moist, but not greasy in literally seconds. All of a sudden I have beautifully soft hands with very little effort on my part! It smells very lightly of avacado, kind of. More like if you made an avacado mousse. I love it, and it is $12 for 10oz. In my opinion that might be the best part!

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