Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review- Embryolisse Rosamélis Toner

Rosamélis is a refreshing alcohol free toner that removes all traces of cleanser and leaves skin feeling refreshed and revived. $30

This is a very gentle toner which contains rose, orange-tree and witch hazel waters. It's without a doubt the best smelling toner I've ever used. It never stings or burns as it's incredibly gentle, but it packs a whallop when it comes to getting rid of what's left behind when you wash your face. But with it's gentleness and beautiful smell, it feels more like a luxury than a chore. I'm not sure how it would stand up to very oily skin (although the bottle says it's for all types of skin), but for my dry, acne prone skin, it's just wonderful. Like I said in the review for the Micellar Lotion, this stuff may be hard to find, but I feel it's worth the effort and will be buying it again. You can order it from Ricky's in NYC among other places (but they're having a sale at the moment!).


Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I like to read articles like this. By the way add some pics :)

Hillary said...

Thank you. We'll keep posting if you keep reading!