Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review - Yaby Shimmer Eyeshadow

» Highly pigmented eyeshadow that are extremely easy to work with.
» The smooth texture allows blending with ease.
» Used dry or wet to achieve anything from a veil of color to a dramatic statement.

These itty-bitty, shimmery shadows are intended to go in the larger Yaby palette; I just got one to test (I believe the color is called “Green Delicious”). About the size of a dime, each little pot gives great color for your eyes. The one I got is a "frost" finish, but the colors come in a variety of finishes from matte to high shine. I think they probably work best in tandem with each other, but I liked this a lot by itself. I think the nicest thing about this product line overall is that the little refills are pretty inexpensive – around $3 – and they come in an INSANE array of colors. It’s ideal for the girl who likes to play around a lot with eyeshadow (and, of course, makeup artists, who I think are the real target audience for this line). I didn’t find that this shadow lasted very long, though, so you may get to play around more often than you thought!

Malikah says: I tried this in a shimmery pink shade, which was so wonderfully feminine I fell in love with it right away! It was a perfect frosty pink that can work beautifully year round, and its subtle enough that you won't look like a little girl playing dress up. It didn't last that long though, and kind of creased after awhile, so you may want to keep it handy for touch ups (which is easy to manage since its so tiny). You could collect your fave shades and customize your own palette, or just keep a few of the dime-sized pots in your makeup bag to transition your look or pack on a trip.

Josephine says: I have the color called "dragon fruit." It's a really bright pink and looks better on my cheeks than my eyes but that's just reflective of my own coloring, this color could look awesome on eyes belonging to someone with more yellow tones in their skin. Anyway, I agree with Malikah and Hillary in that the color did fade after a sort of short amount of time for how pigmented the website claims the shadow to be but it did go on 100% true to the color in the pan which is a testament to its quality. I agree with Hillary that this palette would be a useful addition to a makeup artist's arsenal. Has anyone put a fine point on the size of this puppy by likening it to the size of a lithium battery? For real.

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