Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review- Lait-Crème Concentrè Moisturizer

Lait-Crème Concentrè (24-Hour Miracle Cream) is a rich moisturizing lotion. This specially formulated lotion is quite versatile; throw it in your travel bag when you don't have enough space for numerous products. Our creamy lotion is really three products in one: the make-up artists use it as a primer, moisturizer, and make-up remover. It also reduces irritation after shaving! $25

I am so in love with this moisturizer! I'd heard about it from many magazines and my make-up artist friends and I never believed it could live up to all the hype. But it does! It is completely hypo-allergenic as in no one is allergic to it (hard to believe but true). You apply a thin layer to your face, then wait a minute for it to sink in. It makes an excellent base for make-up, I didn't even use a primer with it and my foundation went on flawlessly. Also, my dry skin was completely moisturized, even after I washed my face. It has no scent whatsoever and has a great light consistency. The tube says it is suitable for all types of skin and I can see why. It's also referred to as the "24 hour Miracle Cream" and I think that's because it not only hydrates but repairs and nourishes your skin. Go ahead and ask any make-up artist what they think of it and you'll probably hear a ton of praise for the product. One caveat- it's sort of hard to find, but fear not, because I know where to get it- visit Ok, so they are temporarily out of stock, but you can still order it and you'll get it when it comes in. I recommend you do so, you'll thank me later.

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