Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review - Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Packet

A complete bath care regimen offered in a portable and resealable packette. Each airtight ampoule contains the following products: Bath Soak, Body Wash, Body Polisher, Body Cream, and Hand & Foot Butter. Each product aims to cleanse, protect, nourish and moisturize for a softer and more radiant finish.

I hate to review any product badly, and I would have to say that I am not completely reviewing it badly. I just cannot in good faith review this Spa Bath Packette really well. The small sampling of the best reviewed products on her site were just too small to be able to really experience the goodness of these products! They really were wonderful. Except I needed more to get the bubbles from the bath soak. The shower gel was lovely except I could only really get a bit of lather and I was just yearning for more.... I loved the body polish. It is lightly granulated, but with plenty of emulsion to keep your skin happy and lovely. All in all you can totally appreciate the goodness of the products and the lovely scent they leave in the bathroom during and after your tub, but I really needed more. The after tub cream and foot butter kicked butt, though, and I was able to use them a couple of times.
If you are going for a long weekend, and the aim is to relax this would be a great investment.... or stocking stuffers of course, and your giftee will surely appreciate the quality of product you have bestowed to them. Just don't expect to be completely indulged unless you invest in the larger sizes!

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