Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review- Kett Cosmetics Intro to Airbrush Class

First of all, let me state that airbrushing is probably the coolest thing to ever happen to make-up. I mean, the right artist can make practically any skin look flawless with the right foundation and an airbrush. If that isn't close to miraculous, I don't know what is! Even in my unskilled hands, within hours I was creating perfect looking skin from so-so skin. This class at Kett gives you all the information you need to do basic airbrushing- foundation and facial contours. These two will be the majority of what you'll be doing with an airbrush anyway as most people like to do the eyes and cheeks the old fashioned way. Our instructor, Mykel did show us, however, how to do practically a whole face of make-up with just the airbrush stylus and different bottles for eyes and cheeks. It took him all of 5-10 minutes and all that was lacking was lipstick and mascara. It was amazing. I learned so much during this 8 hour course that I feel confident airbrushing people all the time (I don't pull them in off the street, but you get the idea). Once you've got the basic technique down it gets easier and easier. It helps if you go into it knowing basic color theory, but I didn't and I came out of the class with a better understanding of it. If you are a make-up artist and you don't know how to airbrush, this class is exactly what you are looking for. I'm looking forward to taking the advanced class in the future.

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