Monday, July 13, 2009

Review- RUSK Priming Creme

It's a Resurfacing Texture Creme. Lightweight priming creme that smooths the cuticle for instant styling control and is the perfect primer for porous and chemically-treated hair. Hydrating properties leave hair silky soft with incredible shine. Humidity-resistant formula protects hair from harmful UVB rays. Contains Thermplex that provides thermal protection from heat stress caused by daily use of styling appliances.

Doesn't just the description above make you want to go out and buy it? And it's true. It's as good as it sounds. Ok, I can't actually tell if it's providing protection from heat stress yet (I'd have to use it every time I washed my hair for quite a long time before I could come to that conclusion) but I enthusiastically tell you that this stuff is great for hair like mine- wavy to straight, dry, too soft to be manageable, etc. This gave my hair just the texture it needed to make blow dry effortlessly with a round bristle brush. True I said something similar about the Arrojo hair creme, but I feel like this one is a little more goof-proof. Also add in the UVB protection and I'm sold (God am I a sucker for SPF). I honestly didn't know this creme had any protective qualities before I used it and I still came away with a wonderful opinion of it. All the rest is just icing on the cake. Additionally, my hair still looked good the next day. I can't wait to hear what our curly haired reviewers have to say about it, but I highly recommend it for anyone with dry hair who is blow drying it straight. Oh, one last thing: my tiny travel tube is going to last forever. You only need to use the slightest bit.

Deedlejuse Says: I totally agree with how wonderful this product is! I only had to use it once before I knew how great it was. Like Hillary says it leaves your hair silky smooth and so beautiful, even until the next day, which is great for me since I don't have so much time for styling. I (also) love the SPF, I am also trying another SPF protectant for one's hair and I have to tell you this summer compared to last I have seen a vast improvement in shine and the overall health of my hair.... So don't just think its a silly addition to the arsenal, its important and worth it! The smell is really nice, feminine and slightly musky, but not in an earthy way. More like a perfume smell than anything. This product, and Rusk in general, gets two thumbs up from over here!

Josephine says: I can't decide if I like the Gleam creme or this one more. This worked amazingly with wet hair set to airdry. My curls had a very interesting quality to them once they dried--they weren't bouncy looking or even particularly clean. Instead they looked totally rock and roll and insouciant. The potential hair looks I am prepped to roll out with this quality of curl are kind of awesome.

Amanda S. Says: I was decidedly NOT a fan of the Gleam creme by Rusk, but I will give a high five to the Priming creme for sure. My hair felt awesome the entire week I used it, and I was given extra complements about how well behaved my hair is considering I'm trying to grow it out a bit and it has straggly awful pieces fighting me every step of he way. Reasonably priced and really awesome stuff, I am definitely going to pick up a bottle at Ricky's.

Trish Says: If there's only one hairstyling product to have on hand, this is the one. I'm a wash and go type of hair care gal. My routine consists of showering and then putting it up in a bun to dry. The results at best are usually unpredictable. But, with this Priming cream, I can get the look I'm hoping to achieve with the least amount of work necessary. For thin/fine hair types - this cream is so very lightweight and sculpting at the same time. It works as a primer, smoother, corrector, disciplinarian, therapist, etc...a must have for all hair-care types as well as the less inclined - your hair will be so thankful!

Sultana says: I too cannot decide if I like the Primer or the Gleam better. They both are absolutely great products. I will say this, I used the Primer alone almost as if it was a gel. I crunched my hair to create waves and the Primer helped keep them wavy. At the same time, I didn't feel the need to put anything additionally. This is good if your hair is semi-wet and you are in a rush. It creates shine but it also has some hold which is perfect. I am totally smitten with Rusk at this point. Their products smell so good and after I am done applying, there is no sticky residue. I have longer hair, so I require a good quarter size dollop to get this to work for me. This one is a keeper!

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