Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review- pürminerals Pür Intensity Gel Eyeliner

Ocular-tested and free of tar and fibers, these pür-ly innovative gel eyliners are also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lenses.
Pür Minerals does NOT test its products on animals.

This is a good eyeliner- not great- good. True, it does make a very clean line, although you can easily wear it smudged if that's your preference. Also the Carbon color I have is as black as night, but ultimately it lacks the staying power of my regular liquid eyeliner. The pürminerals Gel Eyeliner did stay on for several hours, but not all day. But again, for those of you who smudge, my liquid liner fails in that arena, so it does come down to personal preference. Basic rundown- if you are a smudger, you can't go wrong with this gel. For clean line girls like myself- stick to the liquid.

Trish says: It's been a while since I've rocked the dark eyeliner look...and wow, have I been missing out. Really, suddenly my daily make-up routine went from soft and subtle to dramatic and daring. Thank You, Pür Intensity Gel Eyeliner. Hillary is right, though, this gel eyeliner is great for smudgers or people (like me) who prefer a thicker line. I found it very easy to apply and to create a near perfect line everytime, which is something I couldn't always achieve with liquid eyeliners. Also I tried the Coffee Quartz shade which is a gorgeous, rich, deep brown. The color doesn't so much jump out at you, as it draws you in, much like a sultry, sexy gaze. Hillary is also right that the gel eyeliner doesn't quite last as long as traditional liquid eyeliners, yet it still stayed on for much of the day for me without any running. The purmineral eyeliner also does an excellent job of opening the eyes and defining them. I love this gel gem and think it's perfect for newbies of gel eyeliners or for others like me who want to play up their looks and add a bit of glamour and sultriness back (in a very easy to do way)!

Movie Maven says: Yep, I'm a clean line gal myself, as well as someone who a) is constantly messing with her eyes and b) sweats more than a hooker in a Baptist church in Georgia in July. For those reasons, I had serious problems with this liner. I put it on to go out for a friend's birthday at around 8:30pm one night, and when I got home at 1am, I looked like I'd been knocked around - a lot. This stuff smudged everywhere on me. Raccoon eyes everywhere. Maybe it would have done better with a base; maybe I applied too much of the stuff; in any event, this is definitely not my favorite product. I'll stick to liquids.

Josephine says: Maybe it's because I used the best 'one-inch or less' nylon bristled brush in the history of makeup (the Ben Nye #12) but this stuff glided on with ridiculous ease. I set it immediately with a loose powder and even after I rubbed ginger (or hot pepper, it's unclear) into my eye when I was cooking Indian food earlier tonight and thus wept for a good four minutes out of my left eye alone, my perfect line hasn't moved a millimeter. I haven't worn it for hours on end yet but I suspect the powder set is the key. BTW, I have the brown shade called coffee quartz and it's a really pretty deep brown that looks great on a dishwater blond!

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