Monday, July 13, 2009

Review- Solutions a.m./p.m. Total Radiance Refreshing Day Cleanser and Makeup Removing Night Cleanser

Perfect skin for less than 65¢ a day! Customized to your skin's day and night needs, uniquely packaged in one...making skin visibly healthier and life much easier. Provides total radiance for normal/combination skin.
Refreshing Day Cleanser:Energizing creamy gel removes overnight buildup and deep cleans, while refreshing and toning skin. Brightens complexion and gives skin a healthy glow.
Makeup Removing Night Cleanser: Cleansing gel gently and effectively removes makeup and daily buildup, as it smoothes and softens skin. Leavs skin with a luminous, healthy glow.

This is a cute idea: a double package of one cleanser for morning and one for night. Now, as a very lazy woman who barely has time in the morning to put her pants on right-side-out, the morning cleanser was not as useful to me as its nocturnal companion, but I've been using both, and have really liked the results. My skin is naturally a little more "luminous" this time of year (read: greasy from humidity), but I think it's actually having the effect it's supposed to! The night cleanser is really gentle and you only need a teeny tiny bit (something it took me a bit to get used to) as it foams up pretty well. It effectively removed my (occasionally intense) makeup in the shower and left my skin clean without feeling dry or tight. As for the morning version, I didn't feel all that "energized" after using it, but it too only takes a bit to create a nice lather for your whole face.

The main problem I have with this cleanser duo is the packaging. I get that Avon is trying to be clever in making a "dual" bottle, but I have found that as you use more product, it becomes very difficult to extract it from the bottles. For once, my main complaint is not about the price! (It's very reasonable, especially since as of right now, it's $7.99 on the Avon site.) Other than that, this is a nice, gentle cleanser that will probably work better for ladies with more dedication to their beauty regimen than a night showerer who can't be bothered to brush her hair in the morning.

Trish Says: I think this cleanser alone is okay - though for the price you really can't top that. It is much better than drugstore options I've tried in the past for a higher price. I prefer to use this cleansing wash with the Avon Total Radiance Moisturizer for a full lightening and glowing experience. And keep in mind that a little bit does go a real long way with this cleanser as it suds up super easy and washes off make up with success. My only small complaint is that the soapy buildup does leave my skin feeling just a bit sticky afterwards, and without the moisturizer for the glow effect, the cleanser does not really improve (nor harm) my skin. So, if you're looking for a cleanser that is inexpensive and gentle, this is a good choice, but if you're happy with your current cleanser, this may not make much difference in your routine.

Melissa says: I’ve been using this product religiously for the past three weeks. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. Honestly though, I’m not sure I see the difference between using a day and night cleanser, but I do like how it’s been working. I think the best part is that it doesn’t dry out my skin or make it tight after using it. Especially since both the am and pm cleansers lather up pretty well. Also, I’ve noticed that the pm cleanser does a great job at taking off my make up without stripping my face. The smell is light and a bit fruity, but not overpowering and it leaves my face refreshed and clean!

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