Monday, July 6, 2009

Review-Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

An exceptional beauty booster which immediately eliminates all signs of fatigue: facial features appear rested and smooth. It promotes a radiant complexion and long-lasting, incredibly luminous make-up. The ideal treatment before a busy day or an evening out. $45 for 1.7 oz tube.

I’m currently obsessed with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, a super lightweight balm that leaves your skin glowing. The formula tightens and brightens skin and enhances the effects of your regular makeup, lending you a healthy natural looking glow. Apply the cream after your regular moisturizer using light, sweeping strokes, but do not rub it in. Then follow with foundation or concealer and voila! You’re left with a dewy, glowy complexion that could not be simpler to achieve. You can also dab it over your makeup at the end of the day for a quick refresher before an evening out.

The balm also doubles as a facial mask – apply a thick layer and leave on for 10-15 minutes before wiping your face clean with a damp cloth. I find that the effects are much more pronounced when you use it with your regular makeup instead of as a mask, and you’ll get more use out of it that way. The price tag is a kind of hefty, but since a little goes a long way the tube should last you at least 3 months.

Josephine says: I just want to add that a tube of this has been in my kit and my personal makeup closet for years now. It's an amazing primer. I swear by it for more mature skin, too. I distinctly remember the Clarins rep telling me to tap it into skin and that application tip alone makes it totally elite since that stipple effect has a way of enhancing skin texture that's lovely and natural and polished. Well-worth every penny.

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