Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review- RUSK Gleam Lusterizing Creme

Rusk Designer Collection Gleam Creme is infused with a formula that protects against thermal damage and contains UV protectants. Gleam Lusterizing Creme detangles and leaves hair frizz-free and smooth. Apply Gleam to wet or dry hair to provide instant, reflective shine. Gleam can be cocktailed with any other Rusk Designer Collection product. $14 for 3.5 oz.

I attempted to be as unbiased a jury as possible by using this on both wavy "non-blown-out" hair post airdry, as well as, before and then after a blowout to fully analyze its 'gleaming' properties. In terms of the amount I used, and this is key, I rubbed a tiny amount on in both cases when my hair was already dry and a bit more when it was wet. It worked best pre-blowout since the product is fairly thick and heavy and the heat was able to burn a lot of the weightiness off. I feel confident that it could roll with the changing needs of your daily hair regime if a judicious amount of the product is applied accordingly. It smells like other RUSK products, clean and woodsy, and the shine it imparts is true to it name. I should admit that I have a soft spot for this brand. I think they're really classy. This one definitely measures up.

Trish says: My hair can be so high-maintenance sometimes. It seems to work with some products and simply fall flat on others. Unfortunately, for me, I don't think my hair can handle the richness and thickness of this RUSK Lusterizing Gleam Creme. It did take the frizz out as promised, but after a nice small lather of the cream, my hair just sank, frizz-free, but floppy. I'm sure this is a nice cream to use for frizz-control and shine purposes, but with hair so delicate and fine, this cream might be just a bit too bold and strong for me. It is probably most beneficial for someone with thicker hair and a stronger hold. I have a feeling this is a great product, just not for the likes of me and my fussy hair.

Hillary says: This gloss looks really good in my hair. My hair should have been as dull as dishwater today with the myriad of products I had to put in it to make it behave, but the Gleam made the final blow-dry reveal a lustrous head of hair. Honestly, before we got these products to review I hadn't given RUSK a second look in the haircare aisle. Now I'm thinking maybe I should get the whole line up. I'm really impressed with both the Gleam and my favorite new product- the Primer.

Deedlejuse says: I totally agree with all of the above. I don't often blow dry, so I tried this products both ways and was impressed with the effect each way. Of course the shine was more pronounced when I blew-dried, but still noticeable when I didn't. All in all I liked everything I tried from Rusk, and like Hillary am seriously contemplating the addition of more of their products to my arsenal!

Amanda S. Says: I wish I could agree with everyone, but I feel sort of let down by this product! It makes me sad too because I am usually such a huge fan of Rusk items. I have to admit, I am really hard on hair shining/anti-frizz products and put them to serious tests. But today was the second big test I've given the stuff and it didn't work that well for me. It's been raining on and off all day and it's also pretty humid, and by the time I got back at my desk from lunch my hair was a fuzzy insane mess on the top and little awful flyaway hairs were going everywere. This is something I've been able to fight off fairly well, even in this abusive NYC summer, with other products for less money. So I can't give this a 100% seal of approval. I do admit though, it did make my hair extra soft.

Sultana says: I have frizzy, dry & color-treated hair. I haven't liked one cream so far. I usually use serums because they tend to tame my frizz better. When I tried this cream from RUSK, I was blown away! It instantly detangled my hair and made it soft and shiny! This deeply impressed me and like Hillary, I will take a better look when I come across RUSK in the hair care aisle. This is definitely worth the money. It is around the same cost of some of the serums I usually buy. To top it off, its very light weight and it does not leave a residue on your hands. This is my new favorite!

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