Friday, July 24, 2009

Review- Arrojo Frizz Control

Moisture-rich and anti-oxidizing to leave all curly hair frizz and tangle free. Adds smoothness, control, and shine to all hair types. 1.7 fl. oz.= $7 4.2 fl. oz.= $15

The other day I was listening to the news on the radio in the shower and the weatherman said it was %95 humidity out. I was sure I was going to look like a poorly groomed Pomeranian. I decided to put Arrojo Frizz Control to the ultimate test. I put about a nickel-sized amount through my long hair, concentrating on the frizziest bits. Much to my surprise, my hair looked as in control and smooth as if it were %0 humidity. And the best part was that the effects lasted all day- no midday pony tail to look half human. The only drawback I saw is that I must have used too much in my bangs because they looked- not oily, per se- but not washed at the end of my long day. For that reason, I would recommend going easy with this product if your hair tends to get oily, but I still think you could use it sparingly. Since this is perhaps the wettest summer in NYC history, I will be turning to this product again and again.

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