Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review - Three Custom Color Frangipani Sheer Lipstick

Vivid fuchsia with gold sparkle that can be worn soft or bold. The award-winning sheer lipstick formula delivers buildable coverage and rich moisture in a smooth, balm-like texture.

Sooooo....If you live in the North East you have had a really rainy summer. Like, everyday for months..... My only redemption this summer was getting this Three Custom Color Frangipani Lipstick. It is like a breath of Warm, balmy, summer air, when there isn't any anywhere else! It is sheer, and bright and in your face! It lasts a really long time, which for me is probably four hours at most, and luckily when it wears off it does it evenly and smoothly. Really I loved this lipstick, and I am 100% a lipgloss kind of girl! The only tiny tiney little problem I have is that it smells and tastes weird. Kind of like a vitamine E stick, but old. I sound like a complainer, I'm not. I love the lipstick, everything about it but that! Actually it does make it easier not to eat it off your lips, so I guess thats another plus! Anyways, get it. I love the company, I love the concept, I'm so jealous of Hillary for getting to meet them, just be aware the lipsticks might smell kind of strange.....

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