Friday, July 3, 2009

Review- Arrojo Color Save Shampoo

Color save shampoo is the right choice for those in a dedicated color regimen. Formulated to retain and enhance the vibrancy in color-treated hair, add moisture, soothe, and detangle it will leave your locks soft and silky.

I must say I really enjoyed this shampoo. I found it to be very mild, and although I didn't see a huge difference ( I only used one bottle, and I didn't see fading, but I normally don't with my blond hair) I did think that it left my hair feeling silky, if I used it with a different conditioner than the one they recommend. I need a lot of moisture and unfortunately the Arrojo Color Save Conditioner didn't add up. The Shampoo, though, gets two very happy thumbs up! It smells great, suds' very well, and rinses clean. I would probably spend the extra on this shampoo, especially since I find the more caustic shampoos to be damaging to my color especially in the first few weeks after coloring. All in all I had a good experience with the shampoo and I would recommend trying it if you have issue with fading.

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