Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Review- Arrojo Color Save Conditioner

Formulated with Vitamin B5 and an advanced Moisture-Plex formula, Repair Masque de-stresses dehydrated locks with Coconut Oil, while hydrating and smoothing the cuticle with Silk Amino Acids and Hydrolyzed Oat Proteins. Perfect to restore vitality and make styling easy.

I felt that I needed to review the Arrojo Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner separately since I found one very helpful and the other quite the opposite. If you noticed my post yesterday, you will be able to tell the product that looses out of these two! I literally had to stop using this conditioner because not only did I need to use almost half the container for one use, but it left my hair straw-like and not conditioned at all. If I hadn't been sent the Arrojo Detangling Foam I would have cried after the first use! If you use the three (Shampoo, Conditioner, & Foam) products together you will be MUCH happier with the end result All in all though, I found cutting the Conditioner out of my routine was best for me. I do have chemically processed bleach blond hair, which needs like a ton (seriously) of moisture for it to even think about brushing, so for those of you who have shorter/darker hair you might be happier with this product.

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