Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review- Avon Solutions AM/PM Total Radiance Day Cream SPF 15 and Night Cream

This protective cream contains a unique light-activated deslivery system that releases a cosmetic ingredient as the expsoure to light increases. It enhances skin radiance and improves texture, tone and clarity.
$17.50 for 2.6 total fl. oz.

After two weeks of steady and thoughtful usage, I'd like to report that this daytime/nighttime lotion neither improved nor negatively altered the current state of my skin. I did have to layer SPF under the daytime lotion since it only has a 15 SPF and I am in the sun enough to justify more (perhaps in the winter this would be an all-inclusive daytime lotion) but I was commited to using this product as my only one for 14 days. As a day cream, it goes fine under makeup and provided enough moisture to last throughout the day. The night cream is really thick and quite nice. After my usual 6 hours, my face still has a considerable coating that I'm not mad at. I am disappointed to say that I did not notice any improved "texture, tone and clarity" although I reiterate that this product is benign and perfectly fine and that's not altogether a bad thing. The packaging allows for just one jar to occupy one's cabinet space which is great in a small space, big style kind of way. It is split down the center and each side holds the am/pm version, respectively. Finally, I won't pursue this product madly when I run out but I will use the rest of it.

Deedlejuse Says:
I really liked this Facial Day and Night Cream. I found the packaging to be handy, since there is less excess waste and less clutter in the bathroom. The smell is quite light and sort of citrusy, which I enjoyed. The price is right, which is always a plus. And both creams were a perfect amount of moisture for my face. I did recently get a facial, which could account for my skin looking stunning (yes that's right stunning!) but I think part is this wonderful cream. I rarely wear a concealer on my face. At the most I'll wear a tinted moisturizer unless I'm really dressing up, so it isn't unusual at all for me to go au naturale on the face. With this moisturiser I actually feel 100% more comfortable doing it. Not that I think I look bad with other moisturizers, just this one adds a glowy radience that is, in my opinion really nice. I have also gotten more compliments wearing it than others. So I feel that I am basing this on reality (hopefully!) and not just my own vanity.... If your a gal that likes to go bare faced occasionally I promise this is the cream for you, and even if you don't 100% love it, it was $17, and at least you can use the night cream! I didn't really notice the same effect with make-up, although I still liked the consistency and the moisture level of the creams. I probably will repurchase, if I ever use up the whole container!

Trish says: Having such sensitive skin, I can absolutely appreciate a true and solid, gentle moisturizer that is easy to wear, as well as super soft on the skin. I am happy to report that Avon Solutions AM/PM Total Radiance is a real safe product for sensitive types! This moisturizer, color-coded white for day and cream-orange for night, (how cute!) applies lightly on the skin, without any clogging or heaviness on the pores! (Thank goodness.) As Deedlejuse mentioned, you really can wear this moisturizer alone and/or maybe add a quick dust of powder on your skin and you're set for the day. The moisturizer works well to smooth out any dry patches, while adding a nice, clean moisturizing finish on top. I think I even noticed a hint of a light-reflecting, soft glow on my skin. This is the perfect moisturizer for the summer because it's so lightweight, as well as a nice one for people with sensitive skin or for those who really want to avoid clogging their pores at all costs. If you're like me, and need to be selective when it comes to moisturizers but don't want to spend too much, this is a solid, decent choice.

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