Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review- Danielle and Company Hand & Body Lotion

This hydrating Hand & Body Lotion blends together Organic Oils, Organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to restore moisture to the skin, leaving it soft to the touch. This light, non-greasy lotion is perfect moisturizer anytime of the year! Organic Content: 95% organic ingredients.

When it comes to body lotion- I can be oddly demanding. It has to smell nice, moisturize without being too heavy, and make me feel silky, finally on top of everything else - it has to last! That is a tall order, even I know it, but with lotion I get strangely picky...With that said, Danielle And Company's Pure Oats Hand and Body Lotion makes the grade! In all top categories, this lotion passes all my tests with flying colors. Not to mention that it is also made with organic ingredients, which is an A+ in my eyes. Okay, at first, it does rub on a bit heavy for me on the hands as I don't like to feel sticky at all after applying lotion. But, and this is the best part, it does dry smoothly (eventually) and even after washing my hands, the lotion is still on, leaving my hands even softer than before! Major plus for me as I wash my hands a lot. Even better than the overtime moisturizing, the scent is amazingly glorious! I love this smell! I could sleep in it! The best way to describe the Pure Oats scent, which is meant to relax, calm and soothe, is that it reminds me a bit of soft baby powder mixed with the sweet fragrance of play-doh (in a good way!) Total innocent bliss and joy, while relaxing and calming the senses as well. This scent alone makes the lotion a winner, but I can't forget its long-lasting durability. Definitely worth a try for those two reasons alone, and at $4 for the travel size you can't go wrong!

Amanda S. Says: I can't believe this lotion is so inexpensive! I too am super picky about body lotions, I'd rather throw out an entire bottle and lose the money spent on it than suffer through any moisturizer that doesn't work near perfectly for my skin. It does take a bit to soak in, but it's worth it. For the cost, it's a great all natural lotion.

Deedlejuse Says: I am constantly surprised, and pleased with Danielle and Company's products. This morning I used a beautiful glycerin soap in cucumber and then moisturized with the Oats Organic Body Lotion. I smell delicious, feel moisturized, and when used right after the shower the lotion totally soaks in instantly and feels great! The smell of my lotion is quite strong, but not in a bad way. You just really have to be in the mood to smell like oats, not oatmeal mind you, just a sort of clean fresh oat smell. I really like it. This lotion I would say is better as an all over body lotion than a hand cream, but I do like it for both. Everything I have tried from Danielle and Co. has been stellar and I love the Women Power image and the naturalness of it all! Another job well done!

Malikah says: I really loved the texture and feel of the lotion. Its rich and creamy, but still manages not to be heavy or greasy. It gives your skin great moisture, and the lightweight formula is perfect for summer. I tried to Lavender and Spearmint scent, and wasn't too big a fan of the fragrance. I love the scent of lavender, but it was too heavy on the spearmint and reminded me a bit of Wrigley's Doublemint gum. Plus the scent stays put pretty much all day, which is great if its a scent you love. I am a bit torn on this one - the fragrance really isn't working for me at all, but I love the feel of this lotion so much! This is going to be a tough decision . . .

Sultana says: I've never had the pleasure of using Danielle & Company products before. I tried the Lavender and Spearmint lotion. I was in LOVE with this lotion!! I am big on scents that lasts. Whether its perfume, lotion or shower gel it has to have a scent that lasts long. I was with my kids when I tried this and when I put it on, they asked "Mommy, what is that?" I asked if they wanted to try and of course they jumped at the chance. They absolutely loved the minty smell. I found that I felt a little invigorated but relaxed at the same time after using this. The smell lasted a long time. As a matter of fact, I can't remember when it went away. With a $4 price tag, this is a win-win situation for me!

Josephine says: You guys. I am so sorry. Aside from Malikah's review, which mine looks more like, I wish I could add more positive words for this lotion but my experience of it was not as good, albeit comical to some degree. Let me start with what I did like, though: I think the consitency and actual moisture the lotion provides is great. I like this company from what I have seen and I would excitedly try other products of theirs if given the chance. Moving on. I, too, have the Lavender& Spearmint flavor and this is the source, cause and origin of my distaste of this lotion. I knew before I even pressed the pump that I probably wasn't going to be a fan, mostly because I liken this combo of oils to a mild mildew odor. I waited to try it until I hopped out of the shower one night, nary a trace of a scent of any other kind to comingle with this stuff lest my opinion be wrongly influenced. Within 5 seconds, I was inspecting the shower curtain liner for mold and asking the hub in the other room is he smells anything stale coming from the bathroom. Within 5 minutes, all I could think was that I was wearing a straight up dish rag. The hub provided his olfactory experience to offset my prejudice and exclaimed that I smelled "strangely minty, kind of like Bengay." Not a ringing endorsement, either, really.

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