Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Review- PUR Universal Marble Mineral Powder

The rich, earthy pigments of Universal Marble Powder in Spice add an all-over definition to the face, enhancing eyes, lips and cheeks while nourishing skin with shea butter and vitamin E. The mosaic blend of copper, cinnamon and pearl is ideal for women of colour. Pür Minerals does NOT test its products on animals. For $22.50

The shade of the compact on the site is not quite what it looks like in person, IMO. It's more orange and rusty in the flesh. I was turned off by the color thinking it wasn't going to blend well into my coloring. But as luck would have it, mineral-based formulations are so soft and easy in the pigment department that with a fan brush I was able to apply the color and keep it light. It doesn't look amazing but it's nice and pretty chill. The write-up does say that it's ideal for women of color so I'll save it for that, primarily. BTW, the directions straight up say, "...with the appropriate brush" and I think this is code for fan brush (AKA guaranteeing the lightest application available). Ha!

Sultana says: I tend to not wear blush but I will try anything at least one time. Although this is a blush, it is suitable as an all over face color as well. The color is very light but flattering at the same time. I have a darker skin tone and it blended in very well. I really like the diversity of it. Some blushes are way to rosy to wear all over your face. I would say this is soft and subtle but with a hint of color.

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